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Vintage Buescher True Tone C-Melody Saxophone in Original Silver Plate - Serial # 125201

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Product ID: 125201BuescherCMelody

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Here's a very clean, 1922 vintage Buescher C-Melody saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 125201. It's been a few years since the horn was in regular use, and it is in need of a fresh pad job. With some new pads and a good regulation, it can be a good player again, and we've priced it low, leaving you plenty of room to get that work done.


The C Melody sax is just a bit smaller than a standard tenor. Being in the key of C, these horns were popular in the early 20th century, since the player could read right off the piano book. These days they are more of an oddity, but still have uses in church settings, or anywhere where a player doesn't want to transpose from a written C part.


This particular horn is in very good condition, with 95%+ original silver plating intact. There are a few bumps and dings here and there, but no serious trauma or previous repairs. The neck does show some history of past dent work, but still has the proper curve on it. More than anything, the sax just needs a repad. Current pads are fitted with brown plastic resos, and they are just old and not sealing very well. With a good set of pads, this horn will be wailing again. Does ship in a hard case.