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Vintage Buescher Tru-Lay Mouthpiece for Baritone Saxophone - 0.070 inch/1.77mm

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Product ID: BuescherTrulay63875SMBariMpc


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Early Vintage - Rounded Sidewalls - Warm and Dark...
Here we have a vintage hard rubber mouthpiece made by Buescher for baritone saxophone, tip opening 0.070 inch/1.77 mm. This piece is interesting as it still has the original gold paint lining the engravings, as well as some interesting markings on the table indicating tip opening and facing length (within a margin of error). Physically this piece has retained a fair amount of oxidation to the outside and inside, scrapes have given this piece a lot of texture to the outside, but it plays well. The side rails, rail tip, and table are still functional even though there are a lot of scrapes.
This piece plays well with a dark and warm complexion because of the large cavernous chamber, but not very loud because of the small tip opening. These pieces are great for players looking to get started on a baritone mouthpiece, as well as classical players looking for something sweeter and quieter.