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Vintage Buescher 'Super 400' Model S-1 Alto Sax #362247

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Product ID: 362247BuescherSuper400AltGL


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Re-branded Top-hat - Unique Look!
Displayed above is a 1960s vintage Buescher 'Super 400' Model S-1 alto saxophone in gold lacquer, nickel keys, and a serial number #362247. This saxophone is not in playing condition and needs a complete re-pad, new materials, and some dent work. Aside from these issues structurally this horn is in good condition, no rods or pivot screws are stuck, fortunately it just needs a straight forward overhaul.
In the end of the 1950s Buescher was in the process of getting bought out by Selmer, which caused some of their more intricate horn designs to get re-branded. This horn is, at its core, a Top-hat Cane model with different lacquer and nickel plating. After playing a few of these in different states of repair, I can truly say these horns have the same big, lush sound of the Top-hat; maybe it's the signature nickel silver power-ring on the outside of the bell flare.
Repair techs seeking to restore this horn for themselves or for a future sale will have a straight forward job ahead of them. There are only a few resolders on key-guard feet, a bit of plate wear on the high E side key, and the body tube near the thumb rest needs to be reshaped.
The neck is not showing any pull down. All the springs look to be salvageable, they just need to be cleaned. All the real mother-of-pearl key touches are still original, but this horn is missing one snap on resonator for the bell B key, and one piece of the octave key mechanism; we will replace these before shipping.
Conversely, if you just want us to do the overhaul we've provided the option to do so on this listing.
This horn features key-work from low Bb up to palm F, front F rocker included for extended range. There is a standard F# side key, as well as side C, Bb, and high E. The table keys are flatt, have a large surface area, and are equipped with amber rollers; the 'Buescher 400' logo can be found on the G# key.
This horn ships in as-is condition with a non-original under-slung octave key neck, and a hardwood case.