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Vintage Buescher Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for C-Melody Sax

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This is a vintage hard rubber mouthpiece by Buescher with a tip opening of 0.061"/1.54 mm. This mouthpiece is in great physical condition for its age, light oxidation forming on the exterior and light teeth marks on the beak. The table, side rails, and rail tip are all in great condition with no divots or imperfections. The stamp engraving is in great condition and still very prominent.
Internally this piece has a rounded large chamber, paired with concave rounded sidewalls and a deep, straight-style, baffle giving this piece an overall warm dark sound. This piece is great for a beginner or as an included accessory for a saxophone sale as it does not require much air to get a sound going.
This mouthpiece ships as it is pictured, without ligature nor cap.