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Vintage Buescher Aristocrat Big B Alto Saxophone in Silver Plate, Serial #329400

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Our Price: $ 1,950.00

Product ID: 329400BuescherBSilvAlt

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Sonically Dark at a GREAT Price!
This is a vintage Buescher Aristocrat Big "B" alto saxophone in silver plate with a serial number of #329400. This alto has been recently overhauled and plays with a lovely dark sonic character on brand-new materials. The silver plating is showing wear, but the engraving is still in great shape. This saxophone has one resolder under the side C key's post, but no evidence of serious trauma to the body tube is apparent anywhere.
Big "B" horns are keyed from low Bb up to palm F with a front F mechanism for alternate fingerings and crossing into the altissimo register. The right-hand side keys feature a gradual curve for ease of play. 
Key action is smooth and light across the whole horn, even the table actuates the left side bell keys with great leverage and seals nicely. Players looking for a great vintage horn for jazz at an affordable price would definitely enjoy this horn from 1950.
This horn is playing great and good to go! After purchase, this instrument ships with a Max case by Protech that fits the left side bell keys nicely.