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Vintage Buescher Aristocrat 'Art Deco' Original Lacquer Tenor Saxophone, Serial #271150

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Product ID: 271150BuescherTen


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Raw Brass Neck, Includes Saxquest Overhaul
This is a very sweet Buescher Aristocrat “Art Deco” tenor saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 271150. If you are on the hunt for a free blowing American vintage tenor with plenty of personality a 1935 vintage Buescher is going to be an excellent choice. This particular tenor is exceptionally responsive to air flow. It takes the air in easy and quick with a very minimal amount of resistance. These saxophones are very free blowing by today's standards but for the 1930's they were generally considered to be more focused then the Conn models made at that time. I found this particular tenor to be a smooth player with a brilliant sonic color.
The body of the saxophone is in excellent physical condition for its vintage showing a healthy amount of cosmetic character for its vintage. There has been some history of some smaller dings along the lower body. Some smaller dings remain but will be removed while the saxophone is in our shop. The body tube, bow, bow cap, bell and bell flare are all in excellent condition. The bow cap has never been pushed in. Its bell to body brace is also in nice condition and does not show any history of past damage. This saxophone also includes the original neck. At some point a past owner made the choice to strip the lacquer off of the neck. This is most often down to free the sound of the saxophone up a little bit. The neck is in nice physical condition. 
This saxophone is currently awaiting a professional overhaul in the Saxquest shop. The overhaul will include a complete disassemble, cleaning and key fitting followed by replacement of all pads and materials. Its new set-up will feature a set of Valentino premium pads with the use of the original Buescher snap resonators. While the saxophone is apart in our shop we will also take out the dings along the lower body area. This particular tenor does also show case the original amber key rollers and gold plated Norton springs. The Buescher Aristocrat from this period also features a trill G# key in the right hand stack. 
This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition with a fresh Saxquest overhaul and a vintage wood hard case.