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Vintage Buescher 400 Top Hat and Cane Tenor Saxophone, Serial # 306068

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Very Sweet Player – Buescher 400 THC Tenor Overhauled by Ben Reece
This is a very exceptional player. Vintage Buescher 400 Top Hat and Cane tenor saxophone, serial number 306068. The Top Hat and Cane tenors are arguably one of the most free blowing saxophones ever made. This one in particular has an extremely fat and powerful sound. It takes the air in quick and has virtually no resistance. This is definitely the kind of horn you get if you are looking for something that will not back up on you if it is pushed hard. 
This tenor is the most recent personal project horn of Saxquest tech Ben Reece. It has been mechanically overhauled and professionally set-up to exacting detail. It now features a brand new set of premium leather Valentino pro pads as well as all new corks and felts. The original Buescher snap resonators were also utilized in the overhaul process. At some point in time they were removed in the palm keys, but the rest of the horn is with the original metal snaps. This tenor features the majority of the original gold plated Norton Springs and it also has the original amber rollers on the table keys. 
The Top Hat and Cane has somewhat of a unique look to it, especially if you are comparing it to modern saxophones. Primarily regarding the placement bell keys which are located on the inner side of the bell. There is also a “tone ring” located under the bell flare.  This particular Buescher has a great pro players cosmetic esthetic to it. The engraving on it is ultra crisp and is well defined in all the areas around the bell. At some point in the past this saxophone was re-lacquered but the re-finishing was done extremely well. There are no signs of major trauma or over buffing. The current lacquer has a proper tint to it while showing a healthy amount of cosmetic play wear from years of use. The body tube, bow, and bell are all in very nice condition. The bow cap and bell flare are also in excellent condition. This saxophone includes the original neck with under-slung octave key. The bracing bars on the neck were professionally repaired while they were in the Saxquest shop. 
The Buescher THC is a great horn for modern players who need something with plenty of power for in a variety of musical settings. Its huge core sound works great in straight ahead jazz settings and especially excels in Soul/Funk situations when you are going up against a really loud band. Pick this one up with a fresh overhaul in perfect playing condition! 
If you have any questions about this saxophone please send us a product questions or messages directly to zac@saxquest.com