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Vintage Buescher 400 Baritone Saxophone, Serial #515491

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Product ID: 515491BueshBari


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Buescher Baritone Saxophone
This is a vintage Buescher 400 baritone saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 545491. These later Buescher baritones have long been a tried and true item. They features a smooth response with a robust sound and incredible projection. This one is certainly not the prettiest around but is still playing with the impressive sound these horns are known for. 
The pictures of this saxophone tell its story the best. It has seen a lot of play time and has some history of dent and solder work. Some dings still remain. The neck with the saxophone has also seen some past repair. At some point in the past it was repaired with a brass patch. 
At this time the bari is playing down to low Bb with a very full sound. It has been some time since it has seen any major service work so there is quite a few key clicks and some leaks at this time. As the pads are pretty old the sax will need an overhaul or some pretty serious servicing before it can be considered in perfect playing condition. But as it is still playing at this time we are offering it in as is condition at a super low price. 
Ships out an older but very good protec wedge case.