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Vintage Buescher 400 Bari Sax - Needs Restoration - Serial # 650926

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Product ID: 650926SBuescher400Bari


HELP, I Want One!

Here's another solid instrument which we just can't seem to find time to restore properly, so we are selling it as-is at a ridiculously low price. This is a vintage Buescher 400 bari sax, serial number 650926. It needs a total restoration, and with our shop currently sitting on a 12 week delay, we have decided to let it go as-is.


The pictures tell the tale on this one. The lacquer is original and shows a moderate amount of finish wear. There are dents and dings throughout the tube, bottom bow, and upper crook, the worst of which you will probably want to get removed. It does come with its original neck. The sax will need a complete overhaul before it will play, as the pads are old and falling apart. They do still have all of their original Buescher snap-in metal domed resonators, which we of course would recommend saving.


If you have a repair bench at home and have a fair amount of knowledge, this is a great project to take on, as it should be a fantastic player once done up properly. And it is hard to argue with the price! Does ship in a hard case.