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Vintage Brilhart Hard Rubber Personaline for Alto Saxophone L7, .075”

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Product ID: BrilHRPersL7AltME


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Hard Rubber Personaline
This is a vintage Arnold Brilhart Personaline L7 in hard rubber for alto saxophone. The piece shows standard cosmetic character for its vintage but is in nice physical condition over all. At some point a previous owner had a brass sleeve inserted in the shank. It looks like this was a preventive choice. I have looked over the piece very carefully and could not find any traces of past slits or damage. The beak and outer body are in great shape. Its beak is currently with a black Vandoren mouthpiece patch. The facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is super clean on this piece. The tip opening measures .075”.
This is a fantastic player. It show cases a crisp medium warm sound with crystal clear projection. The great control and medium warm color make this a very flexible mouthpiece. Due to the inner shank ring we are now offering this piece at a lower then usual price for a vintage hard rubber Personaline.