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Vintage Brilhart Hard Rubber 2 Mouthpiece for Alto Sax .065”, Serial # 63049

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Product ID: 63049BriHRAlto911


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Hard Rubber
This is a vintage Brilhart Hard Rubber model for alto saxophone in a 2 facing. The tip opening measures .065” this is around 4 or 4* in Meyer and Otto Link measurements. These hard rubber Brilhart pieces for straight ahead jazz players and are great if you want an alternative to a Meyer.  The inner workings of the piece showcases a wide open throat with a large chamber and deeply rounded inner side walls. These pieces also feature a subtle and ultra efficient baffle shape below the tip rail. 
This particular piece is in good physical condition showing some standard cosmetic character for a piece of its vintage. The beak shows a little bit of light markings from previous teeth placement. Its outer body and shank are in great shape. This mouthpiece does not show any signs it was ever worked on in the past. The table, tip and side rails are all in good shape showing some light blemishing, but nothing too serious. 
The tip opening of this piece measures .065”.