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Vintage Bobby Dukoff Transitional Super Power Chamber D7 for Tenor Saxophone, Serial #1550

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Product ID: DukoffD7TransTen1210


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Dukoff D7
This is a Bobby Dukoff “Transitional” metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone in a D7 facing, serial number 1550. These mouthpieces are from the mid 60's as Dukoff was transitioning to the Super Power Chamber models of the early 70's. This mouthpiece features a medium inner chamber leading into a smaller simi rounded throat point. It also showcases a long baffle with a steep drop leading towards the chamber. This mouthpiece is an extremely vibrant player with a bright and edgy character. 
Physically the piece is in decent condition around the outer body. There is a small indention on the original black bite plate. The facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is in good condition. The table and lower side rails do show cosmetic wear from past reed placement. 
-The tip opening on this piece measures .105”