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Vintage Bob Dukoff Hollywood 7 Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor - EG .100

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Greiffehagen 7 - .100

This is an exceptional playing second series Dukoff B.D. Hollywood.  These second series tend to be just a little brighter and have more volume.  Similarly they have a higher floor and are made of 2 piece construction as opposed to one piece cast.   This one was originally a 4* by has recently refaced by expert mouthpiece tech erik greiffenhagen to a modern 7 at ..100” tip opening.  The work looks great and plays even better.  The tip and rails look absolutely pristine and the table is nice and level and very reed friendly.  As a player this mouthpiece really impressed me; the higher floor and 7 tip opening really make this piece a killin player.  The sound is gigantic and fat, but really has a great resistance and projection factor to the sound that some of these pieces can lack.  Don't miss out on a killing second series B.D.