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Vintage Bob Dukoff Hollywood 5 for Tenor Sax, Serial #T119 – B.P. .090”

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Product ID: T119DukHWBP90TenGS


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Dukoff Hollywood – Worked on By Brian Powell .090”
This is a very sweet player. Vintage Bob Dukoff metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. It was originally stamped a 5 but was more recently worked on by mouthpiece tech Brian Powell. The mouthpiece now has a tip opening of .090”. This is a 6 in Otto Link standards. 
At this point the finish of the piece is pretty much gone and it is now showing raw brass. Thanks to Brian's work the profile is super clean showing off a crisp set of side rails and tip. Mouthpiece ships with a fitting metal ligature and a Berg Larsen cap.