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Vintage Black Runyon Baritone Saxophone

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Product ID: RunyonComet6BariSep2021


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Space Age Vibes for Bari or Bass
If you're looking for a vintage mouthpiece with easy tone production and good intonation with vintage American saxes, consider this Runyon! Sharing the same body as the Conn Comet mouthpice, this was designed and manufactured by Santy Runyon for Conn in the 1950s, these streamlined mouthpieces tune well on vintage horns. They're easy to play with a thick-sounding low end, general warmth to the timbre, but with a bit of edge thanks to a strong amount of high-frequency harmonics. 
This mouthpiece for bari is made of black plastic and has a stamped 6 opening which measures .090"/2.29mm. It plays at its best with a medium to medium-firm reed. The body has minor scuffing, but the table, tip, and rails are immaculate. There are no gouges or significant bite marks. The shank is uncracked with no signs of fracturing. We also hear that if the facing curve on these is slightly lengthened, that they also make for excellent, modern-sounding bass sax mouthpieces.
No mouthpiece cap or ligature are included.