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Vintage Berg Larsen Slant Signature 90 MS Hard Rubber for Alto Saxophone

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Product ID: Berg90MSHRAltDg


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Slant SIgnature Berg Larsen
This is a vintage Berg Larsen 90 MS hard rubber for alto sax, made in London. These pieces seem to be getting hard to find so it is always nice to get a good one in the shop. It plays with a punchy medium bright sonic character. This piece would be ideal if you were looking for something for straight ahead jazz work in a loud ensemble.
The body of the mouthpiece is in excellent physical condition showing modest cosmetic character. Its outer body and shank are in good shape and the beak is super clean. The condition of the profile is also excellent regarding the table, tip and side rails. 
This mouthpiece is super responsive to air flow. It features a medium/large throat opening leading into subtle bullet chamber. The tip opening on this piece measures .085” slightly under the stamped 90. Measuring slightly under the stamp facing is extremely common on these vintage Bergs.