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Vintage Berg Larsen HR Slant Signature for Bari Sax – E. Greiffenhagen .105”

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Product ID: Berg100THRBariDT7161


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Slant Signature - EG .105
This is a very nice playing Berg Larsen hard rubber slant signature for bari sax. It was more recently worked on by mouthpiece tech Erik Greiffenhagen. The inner workings of the mouthpiece show off the trade mark bullet chamber, slanted side walls and an extended roll to the baffle below the tip rail. Its outer body and facing profile are in great condition and show no major wear. 
This is a very efficient and powerful hard rubber mouthpiece. If you are looking for a nice amount of power and want to keep the control and warmth of a hard rubber piece the Berg is an excellent choice. The tip opening on this mouthpiece is .105”.