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Vintage Berg Larsen 85/1 Offset M Straight Bill – Bullet Chamber for Tenor

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Product ID: Berg85o1OffMTenSL


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Berg Stainless – 85/1 M
This is a vintage Berg Larsen 85/1 Offset M metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The Berg showcases the “Straight Bill”with bullet chamber. This piece does also feature the denim milling pattern on the table. The piece is in great shape from top to bottom. It does show some typical light scratching around the body but nothing serious. The facing profile is  in good shape. Its table, tip and side rails are also in decent original condition and does not show signs it was ever refaced. 
The tip opening on the mouthpiece measures .088” at its tip and plays best with a heavier reed. This piece features the classic bullet chamber and long rolled baffle. Ships with cap and ligature.