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Vintage Berg Larsen 1950's Slant Signature 90/2/M Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Tenor

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Product ID: Berg90o2SlantHRTenKP


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1950's Slant Sig Berg Larsen Tenor

This is a vintage Berg Larsen hard rubber mouthpiece for tenor sax 90/2/M. 

Though marked as a 90, the tip measures .091"/2.31mm. The table is flat and the rails' curve is nice and even. The classic "over 2" Berg bullet chamber and slightly rolled baffle are here. The body of the mouthpiece is in good condition with the gentle scuffs, ligature marks, and oxidization that you'd expect from a 60+ year-old mouthpiece.

Sonically, this mouthpiece sounds huge. It's punchy, but warm, with a good bit of edge. The mid-range and high end of the horn can easily cut through with this mouthpiece.