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Vintage Berg Larsen 130/0 Offset M Stainless Steel Straight Bill for Tenor – Bullet Chamber

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Product ID: 130oOffMBergTen73


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Berg Straight Bill 130/0M With Ligature and Cap Set
This is a very nice vintage Berg Larsen 130/0 offset M metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The piece is in great shape and does include the original metal ligature and cap set. The facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is in excellent condition as well. The original black bite plate is intact and in good condition. 
We have had no shortage of large tip opening Bergs in the shop over the last few years. I was honestly a little surprised how responsive and free blowing this one in particular is. Big full bright sound with a lot of cutting power, but it does not suffer from the resistance that a lot of big tip pieces have. 
This mouthpiece ships with vintage Berg Larsen cap and ligature.