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Vintage Berg Larsen 100/2 Offset M for Baritone Sax – Denim Table

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Product ID: Berg100o2MMetBari83


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Berg Larsen w/ Bullet Chamber
This is a very nice playing Berg Larsen stainless steel mouthpiece for baritone saxophone. The facing stamp on the piece reads 100/2 offset M. The tip opening of the mouthpiece measures just a little under 100 at .098.” This piece plays with the quick response and clear projection Bergs are known for. The over 2 baffle height gives it a warmer color. While this is not a super dark piece by any means it is definitely not an ultra bright cutting Berg. 
Physically this piece is in good shape showing some normal play wear. The original black bite plate is in not super pretty at this point but has no major indentations from past use. Its facing profile clearly shows the original denim on the table. Both the side rails are in good condition, however one of them is noticeably larger. This is something you see from time to time on old Bergs. With this in mind this piece is posted at a lower than normal price.