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Vintage 1970 Orginal Selmer Mark VI Baritone Sax with Low A in Gold Lacquer Serial #182696

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BEA-UTIFUL Original Lacquer Focused and EDGY
Here is a lovely Selmer Mark VI baritone saxophone in beautiful condition, serial number #182696. This one is in great physical condition, and already playing great on its original pads, so you know it can only get better. Mark VI saxophones are sought after by saxophonists across the world for their tight focus and signature warm sonic character. In their day, Mark VIs were ahead of their competition by decades.
This VI is in gorgeous original gold lacquer, and it has held up nicely over time, showing wear and scrapes on the front of the bell, the bow, upper 'U' joint, and a few key touches. There has been a few resolders on the Eb key guard and some spot lacquering has been applied there. The bell rim of the instrument is in great shape currently, but it does show the loss of lacquer around its outer “flare” from a previous repair.
This sax is keyed from Low A to Palm F, and the key work for the upper and lower stacks have an amazing compact feel under the fingers for such a large horn. The mechanism for the low A travels very smoothly with ease.
With all of these materials at the end of their lifespan we are going to give this horn a full overhaul before it goes out. We will dis-assemble and clean the body, replace all pads, corks, felts, and materials, and install domed metal resonators to keep true to how the horn would have arrived new, in the 1970s.
Sonically, this Mark VI bari has a tight focused sonic character that plays a bit on the brighter side for these models. The low register can rumble and the upper register projects nicely with a beautiful thick lush tone.
Collectors who appreciate the dark honey colored lacquer will really appreciate this one's aesthetic qualities. Players looking for an excellently playing baritone would get tons of mileage on this horn once it has been repaired. This horn ships in perfect playing condition with its original neck.