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Vintage 1950's Denim Table Berg Larsen 85/2 M for Alto Sax with Lig and Cap

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Product ID: Berg85o2MetlAlt1003


HELP, I Want One!

This is a vintage Berg Larsen metal mouthpiece for alto sax in an 85/2 facing. The piece is from the 1950's and shows off the original denim pattern across the table. This piece also features the trade mark Berg bullet chamber. Physically the body of the piece and the facing profile are both in great shape. At some point the original bite plate went missing and someone had it professionally filled in with a mold material. 
The profile of this piece is in very nice original condition. It measures much smaller then what is stamped. The true tip opening of the piece is only .072”. Bergs having smaller tip openings then what is represented on the stamp is not all that uncommon.