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Vintage 1922 Buescher True Tone Alto Saxophone in Restored Gold Lacquer, Serial #102066

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Product ID: 102066BueshTTAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is an early vintage Buescher True Tone alto saxophone in gold lacquer finish, serial number 102066. If you are looking for a nice and clean example of an early True Tone it is not going to get much cleaner. This horn was re-lacquered and overhauled several years ago before it was stored away in the case. From the look of the horn and the pads it does not appear to have received much playing since being restored. The physical body is in very nice condition from top to bottom, as is the neck. All of the key work and guards are intact and are also in very nice condition. 
This alto came into the shop playing nicely on the slightly older pad job from another shop. As previously stated the job is a little on the older side already but it appears the pads are still in good shape and have received little to no play time. In order to offer the sax at a lower price point we are selling it playing in its current condition with out adding any additional work to it from our shop.
The photos of this horn really do not do it justice, it is in absolute beautiful condition. At a quick glance you would never guess this horn is now over 100 years old. It is a smooth responding horn and very fun to play. These early Bueschers are not known for having the best control or intonation but the sound killer is quite sweet. Because of the age of this horn and the older style key work this is not an ideal horn for professional use in most cases or for students. 
Ships in a non original plastic hard case.