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Vintage 1920's Buescher Original Silver Plate True Tone C Soprano, Serial #108948

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Silver Plate True Tone – C Soprano
This is a very sweet original silver plate Buescher True Tone C soprano saxophone, serial number 108948. The sax is in immaculate physical condition and does not show any signs it has ever seen major past body or solder repair. Its body tube, upper neck area and bell are all in good shape. There is a few blemishes around the gold wash area of the bell but nothing too serious. 
This is a very fun to play instrument. Like the other True Tones it is very free blowing and has a colorful sweetness to the way it plays. As it sits the horn plays pretty easily on an older overhaul across its entire range. Most of the pads are still in very good condition. Because the horn is playing decently at this time we are selling it in as is condition. If you are going to do a lot of serious playing it will ultimately need to be serviced first. 
Due to the age of the sax and its unique nature these saxophones they are most ideal for the collector or for recreational playing around the house. While they are fun horns to play they can be much more challenging to play in tune compared to modern instruments.
This instrument ships out in as is condition with its original wood hard case. Does not inlcude mouthpiece.