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Vintage 1913 Buescher True Tone Baritone Sax in Original Silver and Gold Plate, Serial #22401

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Early Vintage True Tone Buescher
This is an early vintage Buescher True Tone baritone saxophone from 1913, serial number 22401. It shows off an exquisite look with original satin silver finish, gold wash bell flare and gold plated key work. Rarely do we see pre 1920's Bueschers in this nice of shape. The construction on the older True Tones show cases key work from low Bb to Eb palm key. It also features soldered on tone holes as this saxophone was made before the introduction of The Haynes drawn tone hole process. It should also be noted the upper J crook curls to the right instead of the left on the early models. For its vintage the body of this instrument is in phenomenal shape. You can see where some dings have been removed from around the bow and upper body tube. But there is no history of major past damage. The upper crook is in immaculate condition as is the bow cap. 
This sax came into our shop with a slightly older set-up of leather pads and nyoek resonators. As it currently sits it is not playing due to leaks and the B key is missing a spring and spring mount. While the saxophone is in our shop we will replace the spring mount and make some small adjustments on the sax to get it to play. In order to keep the overall price on this instrument at a lower price point we will not be doing an extensive set up.
Because of the age of the saxophone and the silver/gold finish this saxophone is most ideal for the serious American vintage collector. This saxophone ships with a non original wood hard case.