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Very Pretty! Yanagisawa 991 Alto Saxophone, Serial #00296776

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Product ID: 00296776Yani991Alt


HELP, I Want One!

Yanagisawa 991 - Keyed to High F#
This is an excellent condition Yanigasawa 991 alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 00296776.
The solid construction, ease of play-ability, beautiful tone, and affordable price make the 991 one of the most sought after modern altos on the market. This one is no exception and is also in pristine physical condition. 
Ergonomically this is one of the most comfortable horns currently in production. It features the double braced arms on the low C and Bb keys and is keyed to high F#. This particular alto had seen no dents or damages and the lacquer is nearly 99% percent intact. The bow, bell, bell flare, and body tube are all in perfect shape and the neck has never been pulled down.
This is a very flexible horn and can be played with a variety of tonal colors. It takes the air with ease and is incredibly responsive from low Bb up to high F#. This horn elicits a beautiful sound that leans slightly towards the brighter end of the sonic spectrum. It is currently awaiting a professional set-up in our Saxquest repair shop and will be playing perfect upon completion. The set -up will include a dissemble and cleaning followed by a precise regulation of the key work. It will also include replacing all of the cork and felt work with brand new premium materials. 
Sax ships out in perfect playing condition!