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Very Pretty! Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Sax, Serial #164795

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Product ID: 164795MarkVi


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Sweet Player! Mark VI Alto – Serial #164795
This is a lovely Selmer Paris Mark VI alto saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 164795. If you are looking for a clean Mark VI with the classic honey tint this 164 is going to be a no brainier. The body of the alto is in beautiful condition and does not have a history of any major repair and has received zero re-solders. All of the original key work, posts and guards are in amazing condition. The body tube, bow, bow cap and bell are also in fantastic original condition. It also is with the original neck. The neck is in pristine physical condition and has never been pulled down.  
The Mark VI has an ultra positive response to air flow and a beautiful free blowing character to the way it plays. In comparison to many of the Mark VI altos from this period this one in particular is a little bit more open from its core. It has a powerful amount of projection and is nice and punchy with out becoming uncontrolled or overly diffuse. The sound does lean towards the brighter side of the color spectrum. 
This alto was recently overhauled in another pro shop and is in fantastic playing condition. We will also check it out in our shop once more to ensure it arrives in perfect playing condition. The set-up on this sax features a nice set of premium leather pads and brown plastic resonators. These pads are in fantastic condition and have very little past play time on them. 
More important then the great looks of this saxophone is the fact it is hands down a gorgeous player. It is an absolute treat to have a saxophone of this playing caliber in our shop. This Mark VI ships in perfect playing condition in the original Selmer wood hard case.