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Very Pretty! Vintage King Zephyr Original Lacquer Alto Saxophone, Serial #247303

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Product ID: 247303KingZephAlt


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Original Lacquer – Zephyr Alto
This is a beautiful original lacquer King Zephyr Model alto saxophone in original gold lacquer, serial number 247303. The first series Zephyrs are an American classic. This one showcases the trademark staples of the early Kings such as the open face bell key guard and the double socket neck. 
This one in particular is in exceptional physical and cosmetic condition. It shows off gorgeous original lacquer finish which is nicely complemented by the crisp engraving in the bell area. The body tube, bow, bow cap and bell are all in superb original shape. There is currently a few smaller hard to see dings on the bow but it has no history of major past body repair. No major dent work and no re-solders. The original double socket neck is also in fantastic condition and has never been pulled down. 
These old Zephyrs are great free blowing players and are quite powerful as well. This sax in particular is a fabulous player.  It takes the air in ultra fast and is very exceptional regarding its projection and general ease of play. This saxophone came into our shop playing on a slightly older pad job from another shop with a mix match of leather pads and nylon resonators. The pads are still in good shape and have plenty of life left in them. This sax is currently awaiting a set up in our shop where we will optimize the key heights and make sure it is sealing up like a drum. Once complete the saxophone will be in perfect playing condition. Saxophone ships with a non original wood hard case.