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Very Pretty! Vintage G. Leblanc System Alto Saxophone in Original Lacquer, Serial #1213

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G. Leblanc Alto
This is a very pretty G. Leblanc System alto saxophone in original gold lacquer, serial number 1213.
The Leblanc System saxophones feature an extremely unique design. Its key work does lay nicely under the fingers but physically looks much more complex next to a standard key layout. These saxophones were manufactured on a limited production level and are not super common. The inspiration for the unique key work and tone hole placement is based of the Bohem principal. This design was made to give improved clarity and balance in all registers as well as improve the intonation. A innovation feature worth showcasing is the high F# key placed under the traditional palm key cluster, rather than the lower right hand stack. 
This particular Leblanc is a very pretty example with clean original lacquer. It is still playing on original pads and metal resonators. The body is in excellent physical condition showing some honest light play wear. Mostly just some light surface scratches and a few smaller dings around the lower body area. The bell, bell flare, bow and bow cap are all in excellent original condition. This saxophone does also include the original neck. It is in great shape and has never been pulled down. 
This saxophone came into our shop playing on its original pads down to low Bb. Ultimately if you are going to make this a performance instrument it will need a complete overhaul before it will be in perfect playing condition. Because this is a rather rare instrument we are going to sell it in as is condition on the original pads. Ships with original wood hard case.