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Very Pretty Selmer Paris Reference 36 Tenor Saxophone #629331 - Gold Lacquer

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Product ID: 629331Ref36Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Selmer Reference 36 Tenor Saxophone
This is an exceptional condition Selmer Paris Reference 36 tenor sax #629331.  These Reference 36 instruments were launched concurrently along with the Reference 54 in an attempt to emulate the balanced action as opposed to the MK VI.  These horns all have phenomenal intonation, and I find the sound to be much bigger and more spread on these 36 models as opposed to the 54.
Physically, this horn shows signs of an instrument that has been played throughout the years, but never abused or sustained any major trauma.  There is absolutely zero evidence of any past resolders or dentwork, and the bell flare and bowcap are both pristine. Outside of cosmetic scratching from general play time, and a few small pings to the bottom bow that we will smooth out, this horn is undamaged.  The original neck is also with this horn and is in tremendous condition. It would appear that the neck was ever so slightly pulled down in the past, but has since been brought back up. It should be stressed that this was a very minor pull down.
Sonically, this horn is an exceptional example of Selmer’s great work to recreate the sound of the balanced action.  The sound is nice and fat, much more spread than the other modern Selmers. However, unlike the balanced action, the pitch on this horn is dead on.  Each note sits comfortable with none of the notes being glaringly out of tune from the rest. Very even and balanced instrument.
Currently, this instrument is in line for a full saxquest professional setup; this includes a complete disassembly, key fitting, and replacement of all regulatory materials.  By the time it arrives to you, this Ref 36 will be playing like a new horn. Ships out in its original selmer box style case.