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Very Pretty! Selmer Paris Mark VI Original Lacquer Tenor Saxophone, Serial # 221746

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Product ID: 221746MarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

Professionally Set-Up and Ready to Play!
This is a very pretty original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone, serial number 221746. The saxophone has been professionally played and maintained over the years and is in great shape. These later vintage Mark VI tenors tend to have a tighter less diffuse core sound in comparison to the earlier models from the late 50's and early 1960's. They are extremely ideal for modern pro players looking for a versatile instrument while also still getting the rich resonance and sonic character of a Mark VI. This saxophone in particular is an outstanding world class player. It takes the air in smooth and easy and keeps a consistent response and character across its entire range. It should be noted the upper register is also very clean and responsive all the way into the altissimo. The key action is fluid  and comfortable under the fingers allowing for a positive playing experience. The last owner of this sax did add a small puddy riser on the top right hand side key. They also left a metal Oleg riser on low Bb. If you would prefer to have it with out the riser please let us know.
Its original lacquer shows 95% plus condition with crisp floral engraving. The body of the sax shows some honest play wear but there is not history of major repair to the body. Its body tube, bow, bell, bow cap and bell flare are all in very nice original condition. There is no history of past solder repair on this saxophone. All of the key guards and guard feet are in great shape. This saxophone is with the original Mark VI neck. The neck was very slightly pulled down in the past. It has been professionally brought back up to its true position and is in perfect working order. 
The previous owner of the saxophone kept it regularly serviced over the years. It is currently set up with a newer set of Valentino premium leather pads and custom metal resonators. The pads look like they have received almost no playtime and are all in perfect condition. This saxophone will also be checked out by George Bunk before it ships out. 
This tenor is a great choice for the pro player who wants an original lacquer Mark VI with out getting into the ultra high price range. It is a great choice for a modern pro player who needs a flexible pro horn they can take to any gig. This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition with a vintage wood hard case.