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Very Pretty! Original Gold Plated Selmer Paris Modele 22 Alto Saxophone, Serial #2252

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Product ID: 2252SelmerMod22Alt

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Selmer Modele 22
This is a very pretty example of a Selmer Paris Modele 22 alto saxophone in rose gold plate, serial number 2252. The Modele was one of the very early models offered by Selmer. This one in particular dates back to 1923. The body of the sax is in tremendous physical condition with a 95%+ condition to the original gold plating. Its bow, bell, bell flare and bow cap are all in excellent original condition. Looking of the saxophone carefully there is no major history of repair to be found. There is a couple of splotches of solder by the neck receiver and screw. All of the key guards and pots are in good shape and do not show any past repair. The only bummer on this alto is the neck was very slightly pulled down at some point. It should be stressed this is a very slight pull down. 
The alto came into our shop playing on older pads down to a low Bb. Even though the pads are well past their prime this is still a very fun horn to play. It has a very wide free blowing spread to it and has an ultra colorful sound. If you were planning on doing a lot of serious playing on this sax it would need to be overhauled first. But because of the age and condition of the instrument we are offering it in as condition to keep the price to a minimum. 
This is a very special instrument. It is always a special event when you can spend some time on a high class instrument nearly 100 years old. The fact that it is gold plated doesn’t hurt either. Alto ships with 1920's vintage wood hard case.