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Very Pretty! Origianl Laquer Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Sax, Serial #48913

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Product ID: 48913SelSBAAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Premium Pro Player - Selmer SBA 1952
This is a vintage original lacquer Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action alto saxophone, serial number 48913. The alto is in great shape and is a very sweet player.  It was professionally overhaul in 2015 by George Bunk in the Saxquest shop in 2015 and is still in stellar condition. The overhaul included a set of premium leather Valentino pads and TM Custom resonators. We will also look over the horn and give it a fresh set-up before shipping to ensure it arrives to you in perfect playing condition. 
The body of the saxophone is in exceptional physical condition showcasing the original lacquer finish. Its original lacquer has a beautiful dark honey look to it which is further complemented by some very sharp and pristine engraving.  The physical body of the saxophone is also in good shape. It shows no history of major dent work and has seen zero re-solders.  This sax also includes the original neck with matching serial number stamp.  The neck has never been pulled down and is in great shape.   
This SBA plays with a sweet free blowing response. The sound of the sax is darker in character and has no problem projecting over a loud mix. If you like a fluid and compact key feel under your fingers you will love this alto, the key work feels absolutely incredible. This alto is currently in line for a fresh set-up in the Saxquest shop and ships in perfect playing condition. All of the Valentino pads are in great shape as well as the TM metal resonators. 
Ships with original SBA wood hard case.