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Very Nice Yanagisawa A-990 Professional Alto Saxophone - Serial # 00177371

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Product ID: 00177371Yani990Alto


HELP, I Want One!

Very nice condition Yanagisawa A-990 professional alto sax, serial number 00177371. The 990 series was Yani's top-of-the-line horn for a long time, until it was replaced by the 991. It is very similar to the 991 (and the new AWO10), with features like mini-rib construction, low C#/B table key rocker, and underslung neck on the octave key.


This horn has been played but well taken care of. The only real wear of note is some scratching found mostly on the back side of the bell, where it may rest against the player during use. There isn't any lacquer wear to speak of, even on the usual touch points. The sax shows no previous dents or dent repairs, and no resolders. The original neck has never been pulled down. This alto was just fully serviced, with any aging pads replaced, and ships in excellent regulation.


This 990 plays with a strong focus and clear, all-encompassing sound. It offers the player a solid foundation to give you something to build on, with a pure, singing-like quality in its tone. Superb intonation up and down the range of the instrument. This series is know for being a fantastic classical instrument, and it excels at that, but it can certainly do jazz too with the right mouthpiece.