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Very Nice! Theo Wanne Shiva 2 Metal #8 for Tenor Saxophone

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Product ID: TWShiva2Gld8TenMA


HELP, I Want One!

Shiva 8 for Tenor Sax
This is a superb playing Shiva 2 for tenor saxophone in an 8 facing by Theo Wanne. The mouthpiece is in pristine condition. Its facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is in excellent original condition. 
The Shiva is a beautiful mouthpiece made with the contemporary saxophone player in mind. It showcases an highly efficient step baffle with a “Shark Gill” chamber shaping at its throat. The baffle itself is very akin to high floored baffles you see on many Guardala mouthpieces. These pieces are extremely flexible players. They can function in very loud musical settings as well as more intimate situations. A perfect choice for the player looking for power of a Guardala while having all the flexibility of a good Otto Link. 
The tip opening of the piece measures .110"