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Very Nice P Mauriat Unlacquered System 76 Tenor Sax - Serial # PM0220517

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Product ID: PM0220517Sys76ULTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very pretty, very lightly played P Mauriat System 76 unlacquered tenor sax, serial number PM0220517. This tenor has just a few light scuff marks on the back side of the body tube near the neck strap ring from some play testing here in the store. As such as we can no longer sell it as “new”, but it is otherwise in flawless condition.


These unlacquered models definitely have a unique look and always look a little different from each other. This particular one has a more uniform, bare brass kind of look to it than some of the others we often see. Physically, it shows no dents or dings, no previous damages or repairs, and is just about perfect. Pads are all new, and the sax is still backed by our full year mechanical warranty. It has been to a couple trade shows with us and lightly play tested there and in our store, but never sold.


The System 76 is the power horn offered by P Mauriat. It has a slightly brighter, more contemporary sound than the 66R series, with a very punchy and direct tone. Very effortless in the way it takes your air and the immediate response you get behind the horn. A fantastic tenor for today's everyday musician, this is a great pro horn for advancing students and professionals alike. Ships in its original P Mauriat “warrior” series case.