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Very Nice! Lightly Used Trevor James Signature Custom in Raw Brass, Serial #T9275

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Product ID: T9275TJSigCustAlt


HELP, I Want One!

TJ Custom – Mint Condition
This is a extremely nice Trevor James Signature Custom Alto saxophone in raw brass, serial number T9275. The previous owner did not put all that much play time on this alto and it is still sitting in pristine condition. As it is an un-lacquered instrument it is showing a few areas with some cosmetic blemishing along the raw brass body, but nothing serious. The body tube, bow, bell and neck are all in pristine original condition. 
The Trevor James Custom is an extremely responsive instrument. This particular alto takes the air quick and easy and should be considered lush and free blowing. While the saxophone can be played with a ton of air it is also extremely versatile and allows the player a superb amount of control and flexibility. 
This alto came into our shop playing superbly on its original factory set-up. In order to keep the price at a premium we are not going to do any additional work to the horn from our ship. Ships with original protec style contoured case.