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Very Nice! Bill Street 7 Mouthpiece for C-Melody Saxophone

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Bill Street 7 for C-Melody
This is a nice C-melody mouthpiece in a 7 facing by Bill Street. If you are a C-Melody player these Street pieces have long been worth their weight in gold. This mouthpiece features a smooth response with a clear and colorful character. The play response on this piece is very akin to playing a good free blowing Otto Link tenor mouthpiece. They are much more responsive and less resistant in comparison to the majority of the pre 1930's C-melody mouthpieces. 
This one is in good shape around the outer body, beak and shank showing some light surface scratches from past use. The facing profile regarding the tip, rails and table is also in good shape. You can see some smaller wear spots from past use but nothing serious. The piece plays with an easy and smooth response to air flow. The tip opening on the piece measures .090”.