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Used Yamaha Custom Z Alto in Raw Brass #C07887

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Product ID: C07887YAS82ZUL


HELP, I Want One!

Early 2000s Retro
Here we have an early 2000s player's horn, the Yamaha Custom Z in raw brass finish, serial C07887. These horns were seemingly designed in the spirit of the YAS-62 combined with the essence of a sizzling dry heat. They play free-blowing, wide open, and with an edge all paired with reliable intonation and ergonomics of a modern horn. Upon its release it became an instant classic to the point we are now on a second era of the same model.
The pictures tell the story of this horn, it's been through the ringer as a player's alternate horn and the years have not been keen to the Eb tone hole. The weathered look is also due to the exposed brass, so it's pretty much expected to look like this after 15–20 years! Although there's a lot of exposed silver-solder, there's no evidence of any resolders or past dents. This horn was definitely cared for and plays great on the pads it’s got!
Sonically, this horn plays with a fast response and fills the room with a wide, free, and vibrant tone with ease. The intonation is very solid, but it does not trap you and allows for bends and sculpting of pitch for whatever inflections you can imagine.
Players looking for a great horn to perform on through college and beyond will really benefit from an 82Z, professionals utilize them all the time. This horn will ship with its original G1 neck and a brand new Protec Pro-PAC case.