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Used Selmer S80 C* Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone

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Product ID: SelmerS80CstrAlto062221


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Contemporary Players' Standard Piece
Here we have a school band classic step up mouthpiece for alto, the legendary current production Selmer S80 C* with a tip opening of 0.066inch/1.67mm. This mouthpiece features a squared chamber and straight side walls that are angled inward towards the throat. This inward angling helps with projection by economically redirecting the air. The baffle has a slight rolled tip and slopes gradually in a concave fashion towards the throat. This piece plays with very little resistance and a nice sound that is perfect for blending in a section at school or for solo and ensemble performances.
Physically this mouthpiece has been put through a fair amount of use, only a bit of the original paint in the engravings remain, and a few scratches from ligature markings are apparent. The beak has teeth indentations but nothing too serious. No oxidation is forming across the whole piece. The table, side rails, and rail tip are in great condition with no divots. This piece ships with cap and ligature.