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Used Selmer Bundy Eb Alto Clarinet #25564 - Great Condition with Case

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Product ID: 25564BundyAltClar


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Selmer Bundy Alto Clarinet - As is Condition
Here is an interesting horn, a Selmer Bundy Eb alto clarinet with the serial number #25564. This horn comes in one piece with an original Selmer Bundy Eb alto clarinet case. Featuring nickel plated key-work this Bundy alto clarinet plays down to low Eb with one right handed pinky key with a few leaks as it is. The bell does not feature a stationary stand slot so the player needs to use a neck strap. There are 3 rings on this clarinet while the others are pads, and the first finger features a pad with a venting hole for altissimo notes. 
This horn has a stunning clarion/altissimo register that delivers more power than a soprano but more clarity than a bass. Meanwhile the chalumeau register extends down to Concert Gb at the bottom of the bass clef staff, and its gorgeous melancholy tone is great for ballads. 
The original materials, pads, corks, and felts have been used past their prime so this horn truly needs an overhaul as there are leaks all over and some sticky pads aren't functioning properly. 
Effectively this horn is the same range as a tenor saxophone but much more mellow of a tone, a few notable jazz players have resorted to this instrument's sound Joe Lovano, Stephen Riley, Gianluigi Trovesi, and Hamiet Bluiett. So aspiring doublers and jazz enthusiasts take note of this listing.