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Used Saxquest Hoss 110 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Bari Sax

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Hoss 110 for Bari Sax
This is a used Hoss 110 for baritone saxophone by Saxquest. The piece has been used in the past but is still in good shape and has plenty to offer the next owner. This particular piece showcases a massive free blowing sound. It also has a nice amount of edge to the way it plays as well. 
There is some normal cosmetic wear around the outer body. Its facing profile also has some small and hard to see blemish marks around the outer edges of the tip and side rails. 
This is a great hard rubber baritone piece and can be picked up at a great price. These pieces were modeled off of a 1950's vintage Slant Signature Berg Larsen. These were the pieces before they were notated with the baffle height number. 
The Hoss was developed in the spirit of one of the best playing 1950's vintage Berg Larsen duck bill hard rubber bari pieces we have ever come across. If you are looking for a fat robust sound with a warm center and plenty of carrying power you will love the HOSS.
The HOSS has a rather long body length and shows off a classic “duck bill” shape at the beak. The relaxed angle of the beak allows for comfort and flexibility and does not leave the player with an awkward feeling regarding their personal embouchure. The inside of the mouthpiece features a medium open throat, bullet chamber and a steady floor slope with just the slightest baffle shaping below the tip rail.