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Used Phil -Tone Mosaic 8 Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone .110

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Product ID: PToneMosaic8TenYL


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Phil-Tone Mosaic
This is a Phil-Tone Mosaic mouthpiece for tenor saxophone in an 8 opening. The piece has been owned in the past but is still in solid physical condition. Its table, side rails and tip are in good shape showing minimal cosmetic character. Its beak and shank are also in good condiiton.
Built as a collaboration between Phil and Theo Wanne to create a mouthpiece with a sound inspired by Dexter Gordon. The Mosaic is descried by Phil to be a cross between a Dukoff Hollywood and a Stubby. It plays with a robust sound character which is very warm and flexible. Rich in color the piece can be played in a very sensitive fashion or can be pushed to the limits and then some. In comparison to the Tribute by Phil Tone the Mosaic is a darker player and has a wider sonic character vs the slightly brighter and more focused character of the Tribute.