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Used P. Mauriat System 76 Dk Dark Matte Lacquer Finnish Soprano Sax, Serial #PM0660509

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Product ID: pm0660509PMsys76Sop


HELP, I Want One!

PM Soprano – Curved and Straight Necks
This is a nice P. Mauriat System 76DK soprano saxophone in dark lacquer finish, serial number PM0660509. The sopranos was professionally played and maintained for several years by the previous owner. The System 76 DK is noticeably darker and deeper sounding then the gold lacquer 76 models. This would be a great choice for anyone looking for a pro level soprano with a dark sound and a super sweet price! 
The soprano is physically in excellent condition showing some standard cosmetic play wear for a used instrument.  The body tube, bell flare and both original necks are in very solid physical condition and have no history of past repairs. There is some finish wear around the octave key and thumb touch in the left hand as well as a few other major key touch points.
This sax is currently in line in the Saxquest shop awaiting a professional set-up. The set-up will include a disassemble and cleaning before the entire horn is precisely regulated and fine tuned. While the sax is apart we will also replace any needed materials. This sax ships out in perfect playing condition with both original necks and the original P Mauriat case.