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Used Otto Link Super Tone Master 8* for Tenor Saxophone

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Product ID: OlinkSTM8sTenMA


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Older Otto Link Super Tone Master 8*
This is a slightly older Ott Link Super Tone Master for tenor sax in an 8* facing. It plays with the smooth consistent responsiveness you look for in a good Link. This one in particular has a very sweet warm color to how it plays. Projection and balance on this piece are excellent. 
The mouthpiece is physically in decent condition showing some typical cosmetic character for a piece that has seen plenty of past play time. The outer body and shank are in good shape. Its beak does have a shallow indentation line from previous teeth placement. At this point in the game the majority of finish is completely off of the facing profile. The rails and tip are both in good shape. This mouthpiece has a tip opening of .110."
This piece has been play tested in the Saxquest shop and ships with an Otto Link Super Tone Master ligature.