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Used Macsax D-Jazz Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto Sax - 0.82in/2.08mm

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Product ID: MacsaxHRDJazzalt21422


HELP, I Want One!

Warm Tone Edge Style Piece!
This is a hard rubber Macsax D-Jazz mouthpiece for alto saxophone with a tip opening of 0.082in/2.08mm. This piece plays fantastically and physically is in great shape. Reminiscent of an Otto Link tone edge, its chamber is rounded with concave sidewalls with a slight roll to the tip of the baffle, and the tip opening places it between an Otto Link 6* and 7 exactly. The combination of internal features gives this piece a marriage of full, warm, complex tone with a slice of brilliance to the timbre to make this piece sonically pop. Physically, this piece shows light surface scrapes and a bit of wear on the Macsax logo. The shank is in great shape with no cracks.
Players looking for a beautiful tone for jazz combo and don't want to be too bright and loud would enjoy this piece, it has plenty of headroom without getting tubby. This piece ships without a mouthpiece cap or ligature.