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Used Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute in Silver with Plateau Keys and Off-set G - #D92693 - GREAT MARCHING HORN

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Product ID: D92693Gemeinhardt2spFluteSil

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This is a Gemeinhardt model 2SP C-foot Flute in silver plate with plateau keys and offset G, serial D92693. Gemeinhardt is a fantastic, reliable brand for student and intermediate level flutes.
This one is playing nicely on an old set of materials, but it could use a re-pad. The pads are holding a seal well enough to play the full range of the instrument down to low C and up to double high D. Each key moves with great regulation in conjunction with other keys. This is a fantastic horn for a beginning student, or even a pit musical doubler in desperation.
Designed for the beginner, this flute has standard keywork, a C-foot joint, trill Bb, D, and D# keys in the right hand. Squared aperture in the lip plate, great for the midrange and low notes, and all plated in silver!
Sonically, this flute plays pure, but a bit dark; the upper range sounds airy compared to the middle and low registers.
This instrument will eventually need a repad, but for now is playing, so we are going to ship it in as-is playing condition with its original plastic Gemeinhardt Case.