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Used David Guardala Studio .110 Silver Plate Laser Trim Mouthpiece for Tenor

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Guardala Studio Tenor .110”
This is a very nice playing David Guardala Studio for tenor sax in a .110 (8) facing. The piece shows a little bit of light wear from past use but is in great physical condition overall. Its original DG bite plate is intact and it looks like the beak has been continually protected by a clear mouthpiece patch. The outer body and shank are in good shape as well as the facing profile of the table, tip and side rails. If you look very closely there is a very small amount of imperfection above the tip rail. It does not impact the way the piece plays. 
This piece takes the air in easy and is quite responsive with a ultra clear and direct sound. I found this particular Studio to be a hair warmer then they usually are. This piece is ideal if you need more power and projection in a louder band. It also is flexible enough to use in more straight ahead jazz settings as well.