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Used Current Production Selmer S90 180 for Baritone Saxophone

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Product ID: SelmerS90180Bari062221


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Pristine Condition Selmer Piece
Here is a lightly used hard rubber Selmer S90 180 for baritone saxophone with a tip opening of 0.076inch/1.93mm. This mouthpiece plays beautifully dark and controlled with a powerful low end. The baffle has a slightly rolled tip that eases downward into the squared chamber with flat side walls. Physically this piece is in pristine condition, it was very well cared for with virtually no ligature scrapes across the whole body of the piece, only teeth markings on the beak. All original gold paint is still present with a beautiful reflective sheen to it.
This mouthpiece is a mainstay in the chamber ensemble arsenal, its tone is up front and powerful without letting the volume or brightness go out of control. Collegiate level players needing to play bari periodically for a myriad of ensembles (quartet, pit band, concert band placement) on a school horn would benefit greatly from this mouthpiece as it has more potential than a standard S80 C*.
This mouthpiece ships with a BG france gold lacquer ligature.